We are Democracy Action, a group of volunteers dedicated to combating the dangerous Republican agenda and advancing Democrats nationally through local action. We have chapters in San Francisco, Marin, and the East Bay which each host phone banks on a regular basis.

With decades of experience working elections—organizing, canvassing, and running phone banks—we know that when the Bay Area comes together to support a candidate our region becomes a national powerhouse. Between the 2016 Trump power grab and November 2018, there are five U.S. Congressional, two state Governor, one state Attorney General, thousands of state legislative elections, countless crucial issues, and more. In 2018 alone, there are 34 U.S. Senate, 435 U.S. House, 35 state Governor, and 29 state Attorney General seats up for grabs in addition to a multitude of State Senate and House races.

Right now we are building momentum in preparation for 2018 and beyond by organizing and partnering with other groups throughout the Bay Area. Since the election, we have held weekly phone banks to save the ACA, as well as for special elections in Louisiana, Virginia, Delaware, Iowa, Georgia, Kansas, and more. Come the mid-term elections, the power of this region will reinstate our values of democracy, inclusion, equality, and respect as we work together to make government represent all of us.

Join us in this essential work!

Democracy Action is an independent, volunteer-run organization. We have no funding, and we don’t take sides in local political matters between Democrats/Progressives.

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