Democracy Action

Congratulations! You’re about to make a significant contribution to the vital task of turning our government blue at the highest level.

New to Phone Banks? Please watch the 3 min video at

If you are not familiar with the Thru-Talk dialer – please see for a short video and additional information.

Please use the test script before going into the actual dialer tool.

Joe Biden for President – Automated Dialing Tool

  • You will need a computer with Chrome or Firefox.
  • Tablet devices are not supported, although we have found the tool can work on an iPad using Chrome.
  • Dialer script preview — visit this web page and click through the colorful response buttons at the bottom to try out the script.

Please record for how long you used the dialer today. 

Click here to track your hours

General Resources:

Click here to access guides and tutorials for the Dialer, Zoom, and other resources.

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Thank you for using the Manny’s Victory Booths!

If you’d like to make additional calls in a group, please see our extensive calendar at to join us for remote phone banks.