Arizona State Legislature – LD 6 (SDP SF)

These are elections for the state government of Arizona in the 6th legislative district which is in northern Arizona, near Flagstaff.

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Arizona Voter Protection Hotline:
1-833-DEM-VOTE (1-833-336-8683)

About the Arizona Legislature

The Arizona State Legislature consists of 30 legislative districts, each of which elect one state Senator and two state Representatives. Each legislator, both Representatives and Senators, serve two year terms. Republicans currently hold a 17-13 majority in the State Senate, and a 31-29 majority in the House of Representatives.

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Voting in Arizona


  • October 7th: Early Voting Began
  • October 23rd: Last day to request a ballot by mail (in [daysuntil:10/23/2020])
  • October 27th: Last day to mail in your early ballot (in [daysuntil:10/27/2020])
  • October 30th: Last day to vote early in person (in [daysuntil:10/30/2020])


About the Candidates

Felicia French for Arizona State Senate

Colonel (Ret.) Felicia French is a 32-year Army and Arizona National Guard veteran, nurse, educator, MedEvac helicopter pilot, entrepreneur, sustainability scientist, and proud mom. She’s running for State Senate to deliver real solutions for ALL Arizonans. Felicia is a third-generation Arizonan, currently living in Pine, Arizona. Her roles as an Afghan War veteran, pediatric and hospice nurse, community college educator, and as a single mom exemplify her lifelong commitment to public service and family well-being. (Info provided by the Sister District’s page. Please click the link to see much more.)

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Coral Evans for Arizona State House 

Coral has been in public service for over a decade. She got her start when she ran for office to help save a much-loved community center. She succeeded in that goal, and has accomplished much more as well, as mayor of Flagstaff. She has seen people come together to support each other, schools, churches, and institutions; and to create home-grown solutions to local issues. During her tenure as mayor, she has brought a Veterans’ Home to Flagstaff, helped incubate small businesses, funded after school care, and expanded library hours. (Info provided by the Sister District’s page. Please click the link to see more)

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