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New to Phone Banks?
  • Please see the section below to obtain an “ACTION ID” before the phone bank so that you will be ready to use our manual dial tool which we usually recommend for those new to phone banks. (This step is not required for the CA Central Valley phone banks.)
  • Please ensure you know how to change your name in Zoom. See the section “How to Change your Name in Zoom” below if you need assistance.
Info about the Thru-Talk Dialer (Biden & non-CA)?

Looking for training on ThruTalk? We provide training at our phone banks!


In addition to the training you will receive at the beginning of your phone bank, here are some resources to better prepare you to use the “Thru-Talk” dialer which is used for Biden calls, and most out-of-California calls.

This system will automatically connect you to people, so it goes through about five times as many numbers as you could by manually dialing. You must be prepared to speak immediately after the tone, and click the appropriate options as you go through the script. If you need to take an extended break, please log out of the tool. Watch the video to learn the tool.

  • How to Make Calls in Thru-Talk (2 min video – see note below)
    • Note the “Term Codes” menu may need to be expanded if “Most Recent” is insufficient. (This is not shown in above video.)
    • Also note, the tool is sized to your screen rather than your monitor, so you may need to scroll to the right or left to see all the relevant menus.
  • Best Practices for Callers
  • Step-by-Step Troubleshooting Guide
  • See today’s script for the Distributed call list (This may not be the same as the script at your phone bank.)
    • Click on the boxes to see the script flow (e.g. “Talking to Correct Person”). Note that the script may be different depending upon the answer chosen.
    • Do not feel obligated to join the slack channel – Democracy Action will stay up-to-date on that info for you.
    • Your phone bank captain will discuss what to do for “undecided” callers more in depth.
  • Biden Campaign Guide to ThruTalk
  • ThruTalk training slides (PDF)

Information about HubDialer

HubDialer Training Videos

If you’re not sure which kind of HubDialer is being used at our phone bank, please ask and we can help!

Obtain or Get Assistance with your “ACTION ID” (manual dial non-CA)

For many of our Virtual Phone Bank (VPB) manual dial tools, you may need to get a personalized “Action ID” that will include a password of your choice.

There is a new feature called VPB Connect that will allow you to call through your computer and provide you with a local telephone number. If you choose to still use your own phone, you can do that by simply not clicking the call button.

How to Change Your Name on Zoom, How to update Zoom, and More

Zoom Help

Thank you for joining Democracy Action to phone bank from home during these times of social distancing. We are meeting virtually through Zoom, an easy-to-use video conferencing tool, and on this page you will find helpful guides and tutorials to get you started.

How to update to the latest version of Zoom

How to view what version of Zoom you have

Guides created by our volunteers:

  1. How to Change your Name on a Zoom call
  2. DemAction Marin Zoom Quick Guide to Zoom

Guides created by Zoom:

  1. How to join a Zoom meeting
  2. Sign-up for a Webinar to learn more about how to use Zoom. This is a 30 minute pre-scheduled class, hosted by Zoom, that will give you an overview of Zoom. 
  3. You don’t need to download Zoom in order to join the phone bank. You can join using the “join by browser” feature.
Need Help with How to Use Zoom & Chrome/Safari/Firefox simultaneously?