Conor Lamb (US House, PA – 18)

Conor Lamb is a 33-year-old Marine and former federal prosecutor.

He grew up in the district and lives in Mt. Lebanon.

After completing active duty service in the Marines, Conor became an Assistant U.S.
Attorney in Pittsburgh, prosecuting drug dealers and violent criminals and helping to make the Justice Department’s Pittsburgh office a national leader in the fight against the heroin epidemic.

Talking Points

  • Conor is a leader with real independence and integrity. He will always keep his word and will hold regular town halls throughout the district so that everyone has a chance to express their opinions and hold him accountable for the work he does in Congress.
  • Conor’s focused on the biggest problems facing people in our district — creating and protecting good jobs, making health care more affordable, protecting Medicare and Social Security, fighting the heroin epidemic, and reforming our student loan system. He will work every day to make sure everyone in the district has the opportunity to earn a decent wage, give their kids a good life, and retire with dignity and security.
  • As a Marine, Conor’s priority is always taking action and getting results. He’ll work to break through the partisan gridlock in Washington and get things done for us.


  • Jobs & Infrastructure — Conor will fight to pass a serious infrastructure bill that creates good jobs in our district and helps grow our economy. Conor will fight for job training that lead to actual jobs, not just a piece of paper.
  • Health Care — Conor believes all Americans deserve affordable health care. He’ll fight back against the constant attempts to take away people’s health care with no plan to replace it. And he’ll work with anyone who wants to help people with preexisting conditions and reduce premiums, drug prices and out-of-pocket costs.
  • Protecting Medicare & Social Security — Conor is committed to keeping the promises we’ve made to seniors. He’ll work to protect and strengthen Medicare and Social Security and fight back against Paul Ryan’s plans to cut these critical programs
  • Fighting the Heroin Epidemic — As a federal prosecutor, Conor our government has been too slow to take action. He’ll fight for immediate action to invest in prevention and treatment, crack down on drug dealers — whether they’re on the street, in doctor’s offices or in drug company boardrooms — and address the lack of jobs and lack of opportunity that has led so many of our people to addiction and despair.
  • Student Loan Debt — Conor knows that our current student loan system forces too many people into lifetime debt traps. He’ll work to reform the system and deliver relief to students and graduates struggling every month to afford skyrocketing interest payments.


About Pennsylvania’s 18th District

PA-18 is in southwest Pennsylvania.

This gerrymandered district includes a region next to West Virginia that is focused on coal mining. The district narrows from there then expands again to encompass some wealthy suburbs of Pittsburgh.

It’s a historically Republican-leaning district, but thanks to national trends favoring Democrats in elections, it’s very much in play.

About the Election

This is a special election. Election Day is Tuesday, March 13.

The election was called to fill former Rep. Tim Murphy’s seat. Murphy, who is anti-choice, resigned due to a sex scandal during which he was pressuring his mistress to have an abortion.