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About the Special Election

A special election is being held for South Carolina’s 5th Congressional District. Mick Mulvaney, the Republican who held this district, vacated the seat after being appointed by the Trump administration to direct the Office of Management and Budget.

Election day is Tuesday, June 20.

About the District

This district was held by a Democrat until 2010, when Republican Mick Mulvaney flipped the district in a 55%-45% election.

Recent polling has shown that Archie Parnell is behind his Republican opponent by only 10 points, and the gap is narrowing.

About Archie Parnell

Archie Parnell is a South Carolina native. He has worked as a tax attorney for the US DOJ and for the US House Ways & Means Committee under Democratic leadership. He’s since brought his tax expertise to the private sector. He has a deep understanding of tax policy not just in the United States, but around the world.

He wants to use his expertise to serve in Congress as an advocate for closing tax loopholes that help corporations, and using the savings to cut taxes for families and businesses that attract jobs to South Carolina again.

On the issues

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  • Decades of experience and detailed knowledge of the tax code
  • Close loopholes that help corporations stash trillions of dollars overseas
  • Tax code is unnecessarily complex for families, seniors, and small businesses
  • End tax breaks for companies that send jobs overseas


  • Archie attended South Carolina public schools
  • Stand up for all SC public schools, including the 95 Title I schools in the district serving majority low-income families and receiving federal funds.
  • Worked 3 jobs to afford tuition and books at University of South Carolina
  • Defend Federal loan programs and Pell Grants
  • Support vocational training and STEM education to prepare youth for future economic opportunity

Jobs and Infrastructure

  • As economy has recovered, real wages for most Americans have not gone up
  • Infrastructure enables small businesses to grow locally, and attracts larger businesses to move to SC from elsewhere in the US and abroad
  • Expand and modernize broadband infrastructure and cell coverage to create more economic opportunities

Healthcare and Medicare

  • If you have paid into Social Security and Medicare, you’ve earned it. It should never be taken away from you.
  • Opposed Republican bill to replace Affordable Care Act
  • We must address skyrocketing prescription drug prices. US residents should be allowed to import cheaper drugs from other countries like Canada (subject to safety controls), and government should negotiate with pharmaceuticals to reduce prices.

Shaw Air Force Base

  • Archie will protect Shaw Air Force Base
  • Shaw AFB brought Archie’s family to Sumter.
  • Thousands of civilian jobs depend on Shaw AFP
  • US military force must be used strategically, carefully, and small-c conservatively.


  • Archie grew up in a military family
  • VA owes top-quality care to veterans, including long-term preventative care
  • Nobody who sacrificed blood of their country should ever have to worry about the quality of their healthcare.

Financial Protection

  • Strongly supports consumer financial protection laws put in place after the Great Recession
  • Stand up to unfair lending practices such as payday loans) which particularly affect men and women of the armed forces and their families
  • Fight against criminals in the banking industry who undermine our financial system in pursuit of trillion-dollar profits

Energy and the Environment

  • Nuclear power plants in York and Fairfield Counties employ thousands and provide clean electricity to millions
  • Expand renewables and decrease our dependence of fossil fuels.
  • Protect Federal environmental regulations
  • It’s possible for energy industry to thrive without abusing our air and water

Civil Rights

  • Equal pay for equal work
  • Expand medical leave laws for new parents or family illness
  • Protect civil and marriage rights for all
  • Pro-choice