Allison Ikley-Freeman (Oklahoma State Senate 37)

Oklahoma needs our help! There are TWO special state senate elections this Tuesday, November 14.

Candidate Bio

Allison Ikley – Freeman is a wife and working mother of 3 beautiful children. Her family’s home church is Centenary United Methodist near downtown Tulsa. She and her family make their home in West Tulsa and reside in Oklahoma Senate District 37.

As a first generation college graduate, Allison has earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health and works as a therapist at a Tulsa based, non-profit, community mental health agency. Through the Tulsa Achieves program, she embraced volunteerism as a way of life, earning the President’s Volunteer Service award from President Barack Obama.

Talking Points

State Government: Oklahoma Republicans control all three branches of government with supermajorities in both the House and Senate. Under Republican leadership, our state is facing record deficits, severe cuts to core services, and crumbling infrastructure.

Education: Oklahoma schools are desperately underfunded and face cuts year after year. Teachers are grossly underpaid and have been leaving the state in droves to find better opportunities in neighboring states. Oklahoma has received the deepest cuts to public education since 2008 in the country. Local PTAs are forced to raise money just to provide basic needs for classrooms and students across the state. Teachers struggle to make ends meet and provide for their own families. Districts are cutting the school week to just four days and have stopped buying books.

Healthcare: Budget cuts and lack of leadership to accept Medicaid expansion have left too many Oklahomans with limited access to healthcare services. The failure to raise revenues and budget effectively has forced the legislature to put essential services on the chopping block. The services lost will include all state-funded outpatient services statewide for indigent and behavioral health patients, as well as the elimination of residential treatment services for children.

PDF of Key Points on the candidate