Our current calling campaigns:

  • Senator Claire McCaskill Claire McCaskill - Claire McCaskill US Senate, Missouri Election Day: November 6
  • Bobby Tyler Bobby Tyler - Bobby Tyler Arizona House, HD-6 Election Day: November 6
  • Lush green hills frame rows of power lines west of Modesto in California's San Joaquin Valley California’s 10th US Congressional District - US House, CA-10 Election Day: November 6
  • DREAM Act - The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was enacted to provide relief for children brought to the US. It protected our young people, who have never known any other home, from deportation and gave them an opportunity to legally work for a renewable period of two years. The current administration is rescinding DACA protections on […]

We’ve called for these campaigns in the past:

  • Danny O’Connor, US House of Representatives (Ohio 12 – Special Election)
  • Lauren Arthur, Missouri State Senate 17 (Special Election)
  • Dr. Hiral Tipirneni, US House of Representatives (Arizona 8 – Special Election)
  • Marie Newman, US House of Representatives (Illinois 3 – Primary Election)
  • Conor Lamb, US House of Representatives (Pennsylvania 18 – Special Election)
  • Gayle Jordan, Tennessee State Senate 14 (Special Election)
  • DREAM Act
  • Doug Jones, US Senate (Alabama – Special Election)
  • Steven Vincent, Oklahoma State Senate 35 (Special Election)
  • Allison Ikley-Freeman, Oklahoma State Senate 37 (Special Election)
  • Cheryl Turpin, VA House of Delegates 85 (both 2017 Special Election and 2017 General Election)
  • Danica Roem, VA House of Delegates 13
  • Jennifer Carroll Foy, VA House of Delegates 2
  • Elizabeth Guzman, VA House of Delegates 31
  • David Reid, VA House of Delegates 32
  • Virginia 2017 Statewide Campaign
    Governor (Ralph Northam), Lieutenant Governor (Justin Fairfax), Attorney General (Mark Herring), and House of Delegates
  • Affordable Care Act (ACA – Obamacare)
  • Jon Ossoff, US House of Representatives (Georgia 6 – Special Election)
  • Archie Parnell, US House of Representatives (South Carolina 5- Special Election)
  • Rob Quist, US House of Representatives (Montana – Special Election)
  • James Thompson, US House of Representatives (Kansas 4 – Special Election)
  • Stephanie Hansen, Delaware State Senate 10 (Special Election)
  • Monica Kurth, Iowa State House 89 (Special Election)
  • Foster Campbell, US Senate (Louisiana – Special Election)

This information is prepared by volunteers and is free to share, modify, and distribute for purposes of supporting the candidates listed, or to help Democratic Party candidates in other elections. We would appreciate it if you acknowledge credit to “Democracy Action”.