The 2020 Election: Trends, Observations, & Where We’re Headed

Part 1: Donnie Fowler

Part 2: Deepak Puri

Thank you for joining us on March 2nd for the insightful and inspiring presentation by Donnie Fowler and Deepak Puri. As discussed during the presentation, you will find below some of the most successful free apps that Democracy Labs has tested.

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Additional Resources for Deepak’s talk

1- Mapping/Targeting
Finding where potential voters, volunteers and donors could be found.
Statistical Atlas
Blog Post:
Two Free Mapping Apps To Better Target Campaigns

2- Story Telling

How to create content with your message. This could be an ask for donations, recruit volunteers or champion an issue. The content could be in different forms (video, graphic) and shared through different channels (like a website, Twitter, Facebook…)

Video creation – Lumen5

Blog Posts:

The activist’s guide to creating videos quickly, easily with free apps

Three Free Apps To Create Campaign Videos With Just A Laptop

Graphics – Canva

Collecting video testimonials – Flipgrid

Blog Posts:

Rapid Response To ICE Raids In Las Vegas With Community Sourced Video Campaign.

Group Uses Personal Video Testimonials To Encourage Use Of Vote-By-Mail Ballots.

Storytelling – StoryMap

Story Map Example: This is Education?

Story Map: Resources

WebSite creation – Wakelet

Blog Post:

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3- Mobilization

How to make sure that voters get to vote, volunteers help spread your message and take other actions.

Relational organizing & Social media amplification – VoteForce

Blog Posts:

Activists use relational organizing to push for reusable COVID masks

Amplify your message with online volunteer flashmobs

4- Other Resources

Blog Post:

Fighting disinformation? Eighteen free weapons for your arsenal.

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Case studies: